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I was born at an early age, and quickly became the eldest of four siblings. We had wonderful parents--an army officer and his doting bride--who kept moving us around the map every few years. Wherever we lived, Mom and Dad sponsored our passions, fostered our creativity, and championed our causes. As a curious child, this environment meant endless discovery.

Right away, I discovered the art of argument. A few stages of development later, I fell for entrepreneurism, although I didn't know that word back then. I just knew that running a business was fun. My childhood concerns were washing cars, mow/snow/leaf blowing lawns, paper routes, selling school supplies from my locker, flipping yard sale items, and various ventures on-the-side. In college, I studied business administration and managed a bar, which got me revved-up. With a real estate license, I sped-off.

At first, I sold houses to investors and college buddies. Next was FSBO and expired listings. Then came brokerage management and ownership.

The whole time--from childhood, throughout--I've loved prospecting. Most agents hate it, but not me. I love riding in the proverbial cockpit, out-steering obstacles, and racing for the checkered flag. I think victory is in client conversion. The rest is mostly procedural. Soon, I began teaching agents fun and effective ways to find clients and sell real estate. It's been good for them, and I enjoy it, too. They frequently asked for a book, so I wrote one.

In 2017, I published that book: The Politically Incorrect Real Estate Agent Handbook. Now, I am a full-time real estate coach, and I love every minute of it!



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