I Hear You Knocking...

Heres Why You Want In:

  • You dont have enough clients.
  • You wanna choke the few they’ve got.
  • You’re directionless—don’t prioritize your day.
  • You’re tongue-tied, and miss opportunities.
  • You’re up/down, hot then not, need steady income.

What’s the Password?

With Speakeasy, you’ll learn exactly what to say and how to say it.
Real estate aint hard when you Speakeasy.


If it feels like begging, youre doing it wrong!

3 Reasons You Dont Prospect...

  1. You’re not good at it
    —don’t know how
  2. You get nervous
    don’t know what to say.
  3. It feels like begging
    don’t have confidence.



Speakeasy Prospecting Club

You Are Ready for More Clients?

Speakeasy is a group of agents who use scripts, systems, and accountability to earn more money, by helping more people with their real estate needs.

  • We prospect together
  • We laugh together
  • We grow together

If you want more closings by helping more people, then you should join us. It’s fun!

Take control of your mornings...

What Youll Learn...

  • The right mindset and confidence
  • What to say and how to say it.
  • How-to attract referrals
  • Simple ways to find prospects
  • Creativity and how-to make it fun!

You’ll learn the skill of prospecting (by actually prospecting), and you’ll get live feedback on improvement.


...take control of your day.

How-to Speakeasy...

Speakeasy is a LIVE Virtual Course! Youll interact with Instructor and Students. Tuesday Friday, all times Eastern (EST)

Get up.

Wake Up!

Get outta bed, and start your morning routine:

  • eat something, get hydrated, get caffeinated
  • exercise, pray, meditate
  • shower, dress for the day

Get the kids out the door, and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Get ready.

8:45 Login to Speakeasy

Get your space ready for prospecting:

  • get into your prospecting booth
  • get your technology together
  • get your brain/mouth ready

Be logged in early, and be ready to go. Late-comers will be locked-out.

Get pumped.

9:00 Speakeasy Wake-Up Call

The first twenty minutes are dedicated to mindset:

  • review/edit your goals
  • put your scripts at eye level
  • get your game voice on

We review and remind ourselves of prospecting fundamentals, and set the agenda.

Get on the horn.

9:20 Prospect

Mute yourself, but stay logged-in to Speakeasy (so you dont prospect alone):

  • call people, and search for prospects
  • set presentation appointments 
  • make follow-up dials

On a rotating basis, Peter listens to your calls, and gives live feedback.

Get perspective.

11:00 Speakeasy After-Action

Time to re-group, and discuss what happened:

  • you report dials, discussions, and presentation appointments set
  • you get coaching on your efforts, and listen to others get the same
  • prospecting topic is discussed

We discuss what happened in detail (plus a topic), and you grow.

Get on with it.

11:40 Logoff Speakeasy

Go about your day. Your choices are:

  • prepare for and attend presentation appointments
  • work with clients, show property,..
  • continue prospecting

Speakeasy sessions are recorded and uploaded for you to watch back anytime.

Speakeasy gets clients flowing.

Speakeasy is for YOU if...

  • You wanna be with like-minded people.

  • You wanna be challenged.

  • You need accountability.

  • Youre ready for direction.
  • You want more clients/closings/$$$.
  • You wanna make prospecting fun!
  • You wanna know the Magic Words!

Whats Included with Speakeasy...

You get all of this!


Prospecting Club
virtual meetings
weekday mornings

We prospect together, we talk about it together, and we grow our businesses together. You'll learn exactly what to say and how to say it (to score as many clients as your heart desires).

plus, you get...

Bizniz Plan Course

$99 Value

4 hour video course

Learn how-to set and track production goals. There’s nothing better than knowing you’re on the right track. Invaluable to your business’ health.

plus, you get...

One-on-One Coaching

$115 Value

1 Session

You get a single one-on-one session with Peter. Together, you’ll bust thru the barriers that hold you back.

plus, you get...

Internet Forum

$9 Value

Chat House

Post questions, get answers. Commiserate with other agents. 

plus, you get...

Recorded Sessions

Priceless Value

Listen/Watch anytime

If you miss a session, or just wanna hear it again, you’re covered. Each session is video recorded. Simply login, and click. Perfect for driving, insomnia, or waiting on Junior in the pickup line.

Speakeasy makes prospecting fun!

When its fun, youre likely to do it. And when you do it, you succeed!

  • We use creative methods.
  • We use funny scripts.
  • We laugh a bunch.

If youre ready for more clients, and more fun, then Speakeasy is for you!


Im Peter F. Porcelli Jr.

I’ve spent 20+ years as a Real Estate Agent, Qualifying Broker, Instructor, and Coach. During that time, I’ve come to realize that most agents fail because they don’t have enough clients, which is sad because what they’re really missing are the right words.

Now I’m on a mission to help agents like you learn exactly what to say, and how to say it. To do so, I offer Speakeasy, the best damn prospecting club in the world. I’ll bust my ass helping you, but I cannot want it more than you.

Speakeasy helped me land more clients, and cap out with my brokerage. I just followed his advice and it works. Peter is the best!

 Jennifer Gairy

Peter helped me set priorities and focus on finding clients. His program lays the foundation for a successful business. Was lost, now found. Speakeasy makes it easy!

 Aussie” Rob Dietrich

My Petey sure knows what he’s talking about. He wrote a book, he helps agents make more money, and he refilled my birdfeeder. Hes such a good boy.

— Granny P.


Prospecting Club

Real Estate Ain’t Hard When You Speakeasy



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