Only Serious Agents
with a Sense of Humor Allowed

Answer with care:
Are you in desperate need
of more clients?
Do you wanna choke
the few you've got?

Whoa. Take a breath.
It's time to remove the stress,
and take control of your day.
The problem is your words;
they've led you astray.
And, you just don't know
what the hell to say.

Trust me:
smooth wordplay
leads to payday.

teaches you what to say,
and how to say it.

But, there's more...

Not knowing what to say
is only part of your problem.
You also need some systems
that will aid your efforts.
For example:
You probably think that
you work longer hours
than you actually do.
Don't worry.
We'll fix that, too.

holds you accountable
to yourself.

Most agents dread the thought
of prospecting via telephone.
However, the phone can be your best friend,
so long as you change your approach.
When you succeed,
you'll want to do it more and more.

makes real estate sales
fun (again).


Here's how it works:
(it's kinda like real estate coaching meets group therapy)

Daily Coaching

Tuesday thru Thursday,
we prospect together.
At 8am, everyone gets on the phone together for
inspiration & motivation.
It's like runners stretching, 
and lining-up just before a race begins.
At 8:20, we hang up, and you begin prospecting.
Don't worry:
We'll tell you who to call, and what to say.

At 10am, everyone gets on the phone again.
This time, we discuss what happened during your prospecting hour.
Your wins are championed.
Your misses are commiserated.
Together, we learn and grow.



You will learn how to prospect with ease.


You will learn how to
implement systems into your business:
business planning,
CRM/database creation/optimization,
and (most importantly)
client conversion.


You will learn:
negotiation methods/tactics,
sales strategies,
pricing strategies,
closing techniques.


Daily Coaching

Speakeasy PRO



Weekday Conference Calls
(interactive accountability)

Private Facebook Group
(chat with the community)

Join Speakeasy PRO

Common Questions

about Speakeasy PRO

1. Do I have to sign a multi-month contract?
No. Speakeasy is a month-to-month, subscription-based fee. So long as you pay each month, you will have access.

2. Do I get one-on-one coaching?
Sorta. The conference calls are interactive, between you, the coach, and other agents. You will be coached live, and others will get to overhear your conversation. In turn, you get to listen to others being coached.

3. Can I get a discount?
Yes. Speakeasy PRO students can earn a free month by referring three students to Speakeasy PRO. To qualify, you must be currently enrolled in Speakeasy PRO. Then, once your third referral pays for Speakeasy PRO, your following month's payment is on the house.

"Speakeasy keeps me focused on the things that lead to making money: daily prospecting, delivering compelling presentations, and converting prospects into clients. It's changed my life!"

Ken Malone
The Real Estate Guy

"Speakeasy changed my business for the better. I went from one closing per month to three."

Rob Dietrich

"As a new agent, I was unsure where to begin. Speakeasy taught me to take control and have the business I wanted. Highly recommended!"

Cynthia Bosier

Some hard truths
about real estate sales:

1. You're an independent contractor.
2. It's not your broker's job to train you.
3. You are responsible for your destiny.

Real estate sales
is a lonely sport.

You can change that today,
by joining a group of like-minded agents.

Raise Your Prospects

You deserve the business you want.
Let's get there together.


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