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No More Crash Landings

Tragically, we lose umpteen real estate agents every day. Before they’re shown the door, these lost souls suffer for a year or more in real estate agony, until finally crashing one last time, burning up in the wreckage, coming to grips with the fact that they suck at agenting. 

They die off because they don’t practice the fundamentals, nor do they posses a method to their madness. Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending, because you don’t have to dwell in their hell.

The System saves Agents

...time, money, hassle, reputation, sanity, and keeps their dreams alive. Basically, the System gives you wings. And (most importantly) the System will save you from crash landing.


Im Peter F. Porcelli Jr.

I’ve spent 20+ years as a Real Estate Agent, Qualifying Broker, Instructor, and Coach. Currently, I’m on a mission to help real estate buyers & sellers, by helping the agents who serve them.

In my experience, the only true failure is quitting. All other setbacks are just bumps in the road. Sure, some potholes are deeper and darker than others, but that’s what help is for.

Most roads have been travelled before, and real estate agent roads are well-worn paths. The trick is to drive the course repeatedly. Overtime, you’ll learn to avoid bumps and pits of despair. An experienced co-pilot will get you there faster and smoother. That’s the mission I’m on, with my hand out-stretched.

Take my word for it: this System is comprehensive and it really works. It keeps the cheddar rolling in. I might be lost without it. Best tools ever made!

 Ken Malone

I had just three transactions my first year as an agent. Then, I met Peter, and implemented the System. The next year I had 26 closings. Last year, I had 92!

 Guy Fain

My Petey knows bunches about real estate agenting. Just ask him, and he’ll tell you all about it. He’s such a good boy.

— Granny
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