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  • I was born at an early age.
  • For the last 20+ years, I’ve been a real estate agent, qualifying broker, instructor, and coach.
  • Im on a mission to help buyers & sellers by helping the real estate agents who serve them.

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In the beginning...


My childhood was ideal. Our family ate dinner together, went to church on Sundays, and we valued reading. 

  • Bicentennial Baby born in 1976
  • Army Brat moved 9 times, attended 7 schools
  • Oldest of Four —boy/girl/boy/girl we were besties
  • Great Parents —fostered exploration and creativity; still married 

As a kid, I had a mind of my own. I never skipped class, but rarely did homework. I took apart household appliances (to see how they worked), and put most of them back together. In sixth grade, I performed a five-minute stand-up comedy routine, every day after lunch (was a deal with the teacher, to keep me quiet until the bell rang).

My family life was/is beautiful. I am/have been loved, nurtured, nourished, encouraged, humored, and humbled. Just a great bunch of people.

What family taught me:

Without the love and support of those closest to me, my endeavors are likely to become arduous, uphill battles.

I peed on the Berlin Wall

...in Spring, 1989. Later that Autumn, it was torn down.

Boy Scouts

Eagle Scout with Bronze Palm, 1993

To me, Scouts was hiking, camping, planning, leading, citizenship, and fellowship. Throughout, I enjoyed many adventures. A few noteworthy events: I attended two Intercamps (camping with Scouts from several nations, altogether at once), and I snowshoed through Philmont Scout Ranch. Off the books: I created and led the (top-secret) Wedgie Patrol.


Notable Awards
Arrow of Light
Order of the Arrow
Ad Altare Dei
Mile Swim
Totin’ Chip

Offices Held
Senior Patrol Leader
Patrol Leader
Den Chief

Favorite Merit Badges
Home Repair
Coin Collecting
Wilderness Survival
Indian Lore

What Boy Scouts taught me:

Being prepared is required for success and comfort.

I make mustache wax

...but it’s for my ‘stache only—not sharing.


Kennesaw State University
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), 2002
Management, with an emphasis on
Small Business Creation and Entrepreneurship

Sports & Games

I have played sports & games since birth. Some of my favorites:

  • Organized 
    baseball, football, wrestling, soccer, poker
  • Semi-Organized 
    basketball, ping-pong, golf, billiards, dodge ball
  • Casual 
    croquet, lawn darts, cycling, marbles, red rover
  • Games
    Monopoly, cards, chess, Risk, the floor is lava
  • Calisthenics 
    push, pull, squat, hinge, repeat

When it came to sports, I knew all the rules, the history, and the trivia. If it wasn’t a sport, we’d make it a game. We elevated Slug Bug to an Olympic event. When the last one’s a rotten egg, you learn to hustle your hinnie. 

What sports & games taught me:

Failure is required for growth, and competition makes me try harder. Also, Im not the best athlete.

I rafted thru the Alps

...and hiked Pikes Peak (along with many other peaks).


graphic design
hiking & camping
arts & crafts


Childhood Jobs

At 10 yrs, I wanted a skateboard that cost $100. Mom and Dad said, “No.” So, I started a business keeping the neighborhood looking spiffy.

  • mow/blow/snow a clean lawn will cost ya 5 bucks.
  • yard sale flipper bought stuff at yard sales (fixed it up & marked it up), then sold it from my own yard.
  • pencil pusher sold gum and school supplies from my locker, between classes.
  • paperboy chucked the evening edition from my skateboard. 

College Jobs

During college, I mostly worked as a waiter and bartender. I managed the bar at two national restaurants, one of which became the most-profitable bar in the company (under my leadership).

What working has taught me:

Service is a performance, and assuming a leadership role usually leads to more income, advancement, and greater satisfaction.

I invented several cocktails

...that became menu favorites at a national restaurant.

Real Estate Jobs

Since May 2002, Ive hung my real estate license with two national and three local brokerages (all in Georgia). I served as the qualifying broker (boss of the brokerage) at two companies (one national and one local). 

Positions Held

Real Estate Agent
Associate Broker
Qualifying Broker 
School Director
CE Instructor


investor agent
FSBO prospecting
expired listing prospecting
first-time buyers
irregular sales
outbound referrals

Team Ninja

At the depths of the market, Team Ninja was born. We’re in, we’re out, and you’re sold before you noticed we were there. Our tactic was to force offers, by using price as a tool. Sold every listing taken.

Team Ninja was an experimental sales team, launched soon after the housing crisis of 2008. While the average days on market was measured in years, our 2010 stats:
46 : sold
12 : average days on market (DOM)
132% : average sales price to list price ratio (SP/LP), a.k.a.: percentage of asking price
20 : average number of offers per listing
: client satisfaction

What real estate taught me:

When it comes to teaching others (clients and students), humor is (alwaysthe best medicine. 

I was on a real estate reality show

...called TLCs Flip That House (2008).


If a little is good, then a little more is better. Right? I know, all things in moderation, but the temptation is strong. This struggle is modern strife.

  • Beer visited 100+ breweries
    favorites: black IPA, Porter, Flanders Red
  • Music listen for hours/day, but I don't make any
    favorites: jazz, jam, and that old-time rock n roll
  • Cigars —tried them all, and narrowed it to Nicaraguan Maduro
    favorites: Liga Privada, Padrón, Alcazar
  • Fat —salty juice-chews; can’t get enough
    favorites: bacon, ribeye steak, meat drippins
  • Ice Cream —keep a scooper on my belt
    favorites: pistachio, chocolate, Cherry Garcia

What life taught me:

Most things are average, and therefore excellence should be an endeavor’s goal.

Bacon in #1 best food

...and anything wrapped in bacon is #2.


Married to the love of my life.


  • met at a brewery.
  • honeymooned in the islands.
  • are living happily ever after.

Im Peter F. Porcelli Jr.

In my experience, the only true failure is quitting. All other setbacks are just bumps in the road. Sure, some potholes are deeper and darker than others, but that’s what help is for.

Most roads have been travelled before, and real estate agent roads are well-worn paths. The trick is to drive the course repeatedly. Overtime, you’ll learn to avoid bumps and pits of despair. An experienced co-pilot will get you there faster and smoother. That’s the mission I’m on, with my hand out-stretched.

Peter is my favorite brother! Hes also my only brother.


Peter is the most clever person I’ve ever met. But don’t tell him I said that!


You cannot go wrong with my Petey. Hes such a good boy.

— Granny

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This book is my magnum opus—it’s thick and full of humor. If youre serious about agenting, you should thumb it’s pages.

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