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For Sale by Owner Prospecting & Campaign Scripts

WARNING: This tool will score you more FSBO listings as you can handle.

See that sign that says: FOR SALE BY OWNER?
Looks to me like a HELP WANTED sign.
They're practically begging you to intervene;
they just don't know it yet.

Here's their problem:
Every other agent in town has already called and told the same lie about having a buyer in their pocket, and now FSBO hates these time-wasting agents. But you're smarter than that. You don't lie, because you use the FSBO-Mat.

This laminated prospecting tool contains the exact scripts needed to book listing presentations with For Sale by Owners (FSBOs). Side 1 has the questions to ask FSBO, which will convince them that you possess the knowledge to get them sold, as well as the world's best script for setting the listing appointment. Side 2 has scripts to overcome common FSBO objections, and a 12-point campaign to earn their business.

this product is a double-sided, single page, printed on 11x17 inch 100lbs. card stock, laminated with thick, 5mil plastic for years of durable use with your favorite dry erase pen.

This laminated FSBO-Mat is specially designed to set listing appointments (repeatedly), and it’s easy to do.

Simply, call-up a friendly FSBO, and read the words printed on the FSBO-Mat. Based on their response, follow the arrow to the next script. Ask the provided questions, and mark their answers with a dry erase pen. Add their contact info, and snap a picture as a record of your call. At the end of your chat, read the Bottom Line Script to set the listing appointment. This appointment-setting script is so good, only curmudgeons say no (and you don’t wanna work with
curmudgeons anyways).

Use the reverse side for overcoming objections, talking points, follow-up script, and a 12-point campaign, designed win the hearts and minds of every FSBO in town. Use the FSBO-Mat to score the initial listing presentation, and demonstrate your value as a knowledgeable and diligently-helpful agent. FSBO will love you for it, and they’ll list with you, too.

Repeat the process until you have more listings than you can handle.

How it works:
STEP 1: Bust-out your FSBO-Mat, and call-up a FSBO.
STEP 2: Read the FSBO Intro Script.
STEP 3: Based upon FSBO's response, follow the arrows to your next script.
STEP 4: Ask questions (provided) that uncover oversights in FSBO's current strategy. Use a dry erase pen to fill-in their answers. Add FSBO's contact info, then smap a picture, documenting your call.
STEP 5: Read the Bottom Line Script, which is specially formulated to book the listing appointment. This script is so good, it works every time (unless FSBO is a total curmudgeon, that is).
STEP 6: Use the Reverse Side for overcoming FSBO objections, talking points, follow-up script, and a 12-point campaign to build your relationship based upon your value as a badass agent.
STEP 7: FSBO loves the fact that you are different than other agents. You don't lie. Instead, you bring demonstrated value, and they happily list with you.
STEP 8: Call another FSBO, and repeat. Easy and sweet.

This product is 11x17 inches of rich content, printed on 100lbs. card stock, and laminated with rigid, 5mil laminate for years of durable use with your favorite dry erase pen (pen not included).

Cross-references on the FSBO-Mat correspond with pages from The Politically Incorrect Real Estate Agent Handbook.

If you wanna list more FSBOs than you can handle, then you’re gonna need hafta show me the money.


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