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Home-Buyer's Flow Chart and Needs Analysis

WARNING: This tool converts more buyers than you can handle.

Use this laminated presentation tool to ease your buyer’s mind, as you explain every step in the transaction. The reverse side is a needs analysis form. Use a dry erase pen (not included) to flush-out your buyer’s needs/wants, while simultaneously demonstrating your expertise. The result is a happy client, destined to close. Awesome.

this product is a double-sided, single page, printed on 11x17 inch 100lbs. card stock, laminated with thick, 5mil plastic for years of durable use with your favorite dry erase pen.

Does this sound familiar? You show a buyer a thousand houses, and he still won’t pick one. Or, perhaps he cheats on you with a FSBO, and you make squat. Your frustration is a result of the Billy Ocean Syndrome. That’s when a buyer’s agent sings, “Get outta my dreams. Get into my car. Jump in the backseat, Baby !”



Successful agents perform a consultation with buyers before they go and show, and now you can too, with this ready-made presentation tool.

Side 1 contains a detailed flow chart of the home-buying process. Side 2 has an agency checklist and a needs analysis form. The result is an informed, motivated buyer who signs your agency agreement, and is ready to make an offer without seeing hundreds of houses. Now you can make buyers a promise: Work with me, and I’ll help you find the Right House, at the Right Price, with the Least Hassle.

Side 1 shows the six steps to buying a house, and detailed bullet points for each step:
1) Pre-Qualify
2) Sit for Consultation
3) Search for Property
4) Present Offer of Purchase
5) Undergo Contract to Close
6) Mission Accomplished

When you show this flow chart to buyers, and discuss the details of each step, their expectations become grounded in reality. It relaxes their nerves and prepares them for the task ahead. Happy, relaxed buyers are more likely to take decisive action, and less likely to suffer buyer’s remorse.

Side 2 is where the magic happens. Bust out your favorite dry erase pen (not included), and hand it to Buyer. Then, ask him to complete the Agency Checklist, which is nine questions that outline the difference between a client vs. customer relationship. Without signing an agency agreement, an agent may not lawfully provide services of agency. This quick exercise highlights the differences in a compelling way.

Next, wrestle the dry erase pen (not included) away from Buyer, and perform the Needs Analysis. Ask your buyer to list the features that he absolutely must have (Needs) and those he would really like to have (Wants). Then, ask probing questions about each list item. As Buyer answers, add/remove list items, or switch their columns. Uncover the buyer’s true Needs and Wants, resolve any conflicting list items, prioritize and hone the list until Buyer and Agent are on the same page (literally). Once their revised list is complete, initial and date the page, then snap a picture so their Needs Analysis may be used to compare properties in the field.

At the conclusion of your consultation, your buyer will happily sign agency, guarantying your commission, and feel prepared to make offer on the Right House at the Right Price. Nice.

This Buyer Presentation tool serves two purposes: first, due to the dozens of cross-references, it can be used as a learning tool for agents. Secondly, it’s designed to ready a buyer for the task ahead, familiarizing him to the process, flushing-out his precise needs/wants, while demonstrating your expertise, compelling him to sign agency.
Farking sweet.

Cross-references on the Buyer Presentation correspond with pages from The Politically Incorrect Real Estate Agent Handbook.

If you wanna sign-up motivated, confident buyers who are happy to guarantee your commission, then you're gonna hafta pony-up a few bucks!


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