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Home-Buyer’s Flow Chart & Needs Analysis


This tool converts more listings than you can handle.

Stay Outta the Doghouse

There’s a thing sellers tend to say when presented with comps:
“Well now, mine is much nicer than that one. And this one is just ugly. This last one, ugh. My doghouse has better carpeting.”

Don’t show those refutable comps. Instead, show them the marketplace as a whole with this single-page Listing Presentation.

One side has the Home-Seller’s Flow Chart, the other has the Seller Sales Strategy. One side for explaining the process, the other side for getting The Right Price.


The Real Estate Agent Listing Presentation


Price is a tool used to attract or repel buyers. While it is often against their own interest, many sellers will hire the agent who promises the highest price at the lowest fee. The Listing Presentation allows you to remove yourself from this race to the bottom. The hardest part of a listing presentation is:

  1. Getting The Right Price—one that attracts buyers who make offers.
  2. Securing your fee—one that matches the value you provide.

The Listing Presentation does both, while positioning you to look like the expert who can deliver on your strategy.

Dry Erase, Laminated

The Listing Presentation is a:

  • double-sided, single page
  • printed on 11x17 inches, 100lbs. card stock, and
  • laminated with thick, 5mil plastic for years of
  • durable use with your favorite dry erase pen.


I want this thing!

How It Works:

STEP 1: Book a listing appointment.
STEP 2: Bust-out your Listing Presentation, and conduct your market analysis homework.
STEP 3: Use a dry erase pen to fill in the blanks of subject property’s condition, macro & micro market reports, market trend, pricing formula, and net-to-seller worksheet.
STEP 4: Snap a picture of your work, then wipe it clean.
STEP 5: Ring Seller’s doorbell.
STEP 6: Take the tour, and then bust-out your Listing Presentation.
STEP 7: Show & tell the Home-Seller’s Flow Chart. When Seller says, “Wow! I had no idea agents did all this work,” you say, “Not all agents do these things, but I always do.” Then, flash a confident smile. You have just proven your value.
STEP 8: Turn over and fill in the blanks on the Seller Sales Strategy, explaining as you go. If you forget some bits, look at the picture you took (Seller won’t mind; you’re just being accurate). You have just made an intelligent and convincing argument for The Right Price.
STEP 9: Overwhelmed by your knowledge and apparent expertise, Seller signs your listing agreement (at The Right Price), confident that you will get the job done.

Give it to Me!

Watch a Live Demo

Watch Peter explain the Listing Presentation. So fun!

I love this thing!

Elevate Your Status:

The Listing Presentation helps sellers see you as an expert.

Oh, wouldn’t it be nice,
if they took your advice,
and listed at a price that’s not insane? 

The Right Price (we know),
produces offers to and fro,
and happy sellers who toast us with champagne.

How It Works (front):

The Front Side shows The Home Seller’s Flow Chart, with detailed bullet points at each step:

  1. Explore Sellers Needs
  2. Study the Marketplace
  3. Choose The Right Price
  4. Set the Stage
  5. Expose to the World
  6. Negotiate Offers
  7. Undergo Contract to Close
  8. Mission Accomplished

 Start with the Home-Seller’s Flow Chart. Put their mind at ease, as you explain every (detailed) step in the home-selling process: from picking The Right Price to setting the stage, from your marketing efforts to showings and open houses, from generating offers to picking the right one, from going under contract to sitting at the closing table. Now, Seller believes you are a competent agent, capable of the job at hand. You’ve gained their confidence!

I’m ready!


Cross-references on the Listing Presentation correspond with pages from The Politically Incorrect Real Estate Agent Handbook.

These cross-references ensure you know the details, so you’ll always have answers to Seller’s questions.

I want this thing!

How It Works (back):

The Back Side (The Seller Sales Strategy) is where the numbers live (and where you will really shine). Bust out your favorite dry erase pen, and get into the weeds.

Combine with data from your local MLS, and make your case for The Right Price in a way they can easily understand. Graphically, show them the Market Trend, Macro & Absorption Reports, the Subject Property’s value by Micro Market, the Pricing Formula, and a Net-to-Seller Worksheet. Altogether, you’ll knock their socks off with your expertise.

The next thing you know, they’ll list with you their bungalow, because you put their worried mind at ease. Then, as offers begin to flow, you’ll take them to escrow, and they’ll tell everyone you’re smarter than Socrates.

Give it to Me!

Twin Purposed

Two tools in one.

  1. The Listing Presentation creates motivated, confident sellers, ready to list at The Right Price.
  2. The Listing Presentation is a study guide, so you can become Seller’s hero.

The Listing Presentation pulls no punches.

It’s perfect for Me!

Im Peter F. Porcelli Jr.

I’m on a mission to help real estate agents improve their skills. Part of that mission is the development of tools that simplify the agent’s job, like The Listing Presentation.

Now, you can use this laminated tool to demonstrate your value and secure the Right Price. The result is a confident seller, happy to hire you, without arguing your fee. Next comes a throng of buyers, competing with each other to win your fresh, new listing. Farking sweet.

Best tool ever made! Sellers are wowed by the Flow Chart, and they sign-up at my price every time—so far.

 Ken Malone

Buy this plastic thingy from my Petey. Hes such a good boy.

— Granny

Real Estate Agent
Listing Presentation

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