The Politically Incorrect
Real Estate Agent Logbook

A Daily Journal, Activity Tracker & Stats Generator

WARNING: This is a fill-in-the-blank book… on steroids!

This book is designed for real estate agents who want to improve their business and/or make more money. THINK, DO, TRACK, REPEAT allows you to take control. Now you can do it all right here, for three years in a row. It’s simple:

  1. Do your job.
  2. Every day, open to today’s page, record your thoughts and the day’s activities.
  3. Every three months, add-up your activities and transaction data.
  4. Do some quick math to reveal your turnover rates and other metrics.
  5. Which are plugged into a personal business plan calculator.
  6. Where out pops your monthly activity goals.
  7. Which allow you to grow as you strive to achieve your goals.

Improvement comes from contemplation and planning, after acknowledging (with help from your stats) your bottlenecks (slowdowns in the process). When activity goals are based on actual stats, then improvements can be made to the slowdowns, and any income goal may be achieved by those willing to try.

Once again: open to today’s page, record your thoughts and daily activities. Then, once a quarter, add your sales data and extrapolate your statistics. In doing so, you will gain insight and identify your bottlenecks to growth. These same stats are then used to calculate your monthly goals, and the process is repeated until retirement. Sweet.

(some of) The datapoints you enter:

  • number of days worked
  • number of discussions had
  • number of presentations given
  • number of clients signed
  • number of transactions closed
  • gross commission income
  • sales volume
  • days on market

(some of) The metrics you will calculate:

  • discussion turnover rate (DTR)
  • presentation turnover rate (PTR)
  • client turnover rate (CTR)
  • return on presentations (ROP)
  • return on clients (ROC)
  • return on transactions (ROT)
  • return on days worked (ROW)
  • lost opportunity differential (LOD)
  • average days on market (DOM)
  • sales price to list price ratio (SP/LP)
  • listing leverage rate (LLR)


Altogether, this book will help you measure 39 statistics, each of which are modified by listing and buyer-side (thereby doubling the stats measured). Now is the time to stop guessing at how to grow your real estate agent business and get serious about it.

Types of pages in this book (and how many):

  • introduction (14: plenty of explanation on how to use this book, and how to improve upon each stat measured)
  • journal pages (365, plus one for leap years)
  • monthly activity tracker (12)
  • quarterly reports (12: four per year for three years)
  • annual reports (3)
  • tri-annual report (1)
  • referral log (10: enough for 90 referrals)
  • education log (10)
  • flow charts (5 flow charts included: daily, buyer, seller, valuation & referral)

To see more, you're gonna have to cough-up twenty bucks.


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