The Politically Incorrect
Real Estate Agent

Prospecting & Appointment-Setting Scripts

WARNING: This tool attracts more prospects than you can handle.

Do you want more real estate clients? Of course you do! And now you can, with this fantastic Scriptmat and its specially-formulated design that makes prospecting a breeze. Never be tongue-tied again, as you set more buyer and listing presentation appointments.

Just do this: start at the top. Read the quick and clever script. Then, based on their response, follow the arrows to the next script, until your appointment calendar is full.

this product is a double-sided, single page, printed on 11x17 inch 100lbs. card stock, laminated with thick, 5mil plastic for years of durable use with your favorite dry erase pen.

How it works:
STEP 1: Call someone you know, and read the Referral Script --OR-- Call a small-business owner, and read the Advocate Script.
STEP 2: Based on their response, follow the arrows to your next script.
STEP 3: Repeat until you find a buyer or seller prospect.
STEP 4: Flip the Scriptmat to Side 2, and read the Agency Script.
STEP 5: Based on their response, follow the arrows to your next script.
STEP 6: Continue thru the flow chart, as you pre-qualify your prospect and set a presentation appointment.
STEP 7: Repeat until you have more clients than you can handle.

This laminated Scriptmat contains 12 scripts/dialogues, including:
Referral Script, 
Advocate Script,
Agency Script,
Stranger Script,
Appointment-Setting Script,
Premature Fee Script,
Eavesdropping Script,
Buyer Pre-Qualification Script,
Seller Pre-Qualification Script,
Quik Flix Scripts (video txt msgs), and more.

Now, there's no excuse for you to feel nervous or without words ever again. With this Scriptmat in your hands, the world is your roister.

This product is 11x17 inches of rich content, printed on 100lbs. card stock, and laminated with rigid, 5mil laminate for years of durable use.

Cross-references on the Scriptmat correspond with pages from The Politically Incorrect Real Estate Agent Handbook.

If you wanna attract more prospects than you can handle, then you're gonna hafta flash some cash.


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