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the Mothership
The Handbook is overwhelmingly dense in detail. Everything is included, so read it every day. Start with pages xvi and xvii. Then, study the Flow Charts in the back. The Flow Charts are the job.

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the Prospector
The top goal of prospecting is to schedule presentation appointments. Side 01 is for finding prospects, and Side 02 is for setting appointments. Read directly from the Scriptmat.

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Buyer Presentation

the Strategy-Maker
Show this tool to your buyer prospects and explain the road that lays ahead. Use the reverse side to conduct the perfect needs analysis. They will be impressed for sure.

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The Playbook

the Ballbuster
Employ the Playbook once you’re serious about success. By tracking every minute of your day, it challenges you to focus on the Primary Activities—that’s where the money is. Seek a rival to mitigate your agony.

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the Prospector’s Cousin
Call a FSBO and read directly from Side 01. If FSBO begins to tire of your questions and gets antsy to hang up, read the Bottom-Line Script. It works (nearly) every time.

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Listing Presentation

the Deal-Sealer
Don’t show comps to sellers; they never like the comps. Instead, show them the marketplace as a whole. To get the Right Price, you need only this tool and the marketing samples from Step 5.

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the Business Plan
An agent’s job is to prospect (D) for presentations (P) to find clients (C) to represent thru transactions (T). Track these activities and you can predict your income. Additional insight is gained by journaling for growth.

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the Organizer
Use different colored dry erase pens to track prospects into clients into closings. To ensure you don’t miss a step, look at the Billboard every day.

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