Real Estate Agent System Tools

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1. Introduction
2. Box Set
3. Handbook
4. Scriptmat
5. Buyer Presentation
6. Playbook
7. FSBO-Mat
8. Listing Presentation
9. Logbook
10. Billboard

11. Download
12. Scorecard
13. Bizniz Plan
14. Report Card
15. Dashboard
16. Stats Card
17. Stop Signs
18. Script Vault
19. Checklists
20. Grindstone


The System

the Introduction
System tools come in two parts: Box Set and FREE Download.


The Box Set

the Tool Box
The Box Set has eight tools.



the Mothership
The Handbook is overwhelmingly dense in detail. Everything is included, so read it every day. Study the Flow Charts in the back. The Flow Charts are the job.

More Handbook



the Prospector
The top goal of prospecting is to schedule presentation appointments. Side 01 is for finding prospects, and Side 02 is for setting appointments. Read directly from the Scriptmat.

More Scriptmat


Buyer Presentation

the Strategy-Maker
Show this tool to your buyer prospects and explain the road that lays ahead. Use the reverse side to conduct the perfect needs analysis. They will be impressed.

More Buyer Presentation


The Playbook

the Ballbuster
The Playbook is serious business. Track every minute of your day, and it will challenge you to focus on the Primary Activities—that’s where the money is. Seek a rival to mitigate your agony.

More Playbook



the Prospector’s Cousin
Call a FSBO and read directly from Side 01. If FSBO begins to tire of your questions and gets antsy to hang up, read the Bottom-Line Script. It works (nearly) every time.

More FSBO-Mat


Listing Presentation

the Deal-Sealer
Don’t show comps to sellers; they never like the comps. Instead, show them the marketplace as a whole, and youll get the Right Price.

More Listing Pres.



the Business Plan
An agent’s job is to prospect for presentations to find clients to represent thru transactions. Track these activities and you can predict your income. Additional insight is gained by journaling.

More Logbook



the Organizer
Use different colored dry erase pens to track prospects into clients into closings. To ensure you don’t miss a step, look at the Billboard every day.

More Billboard


The Download

the Gift Basket
The FREE Download has eight more tools.

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The Politically Incorrect Real Estate Agent Bizniz Plan


the Nit-Picker
Help your Buyer decide. The Scorecard helps you compare showings to each other and to your Buyers needs analysis. This is the perfect tool to mitigate buyer’s remorse.

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The Politically Incorrect Real Estate Agent Bizniz Plan

Bizniz Plan

the Goal-Getter
Earn your desired income. Use this fill-in-the-blank form to get your goals together, then get yourself to (purposeful) work.

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The Politically Incorrect Real Estate Report Card

Report Card

the Accountability Partner
Dont let your goals run away from you. The Report Card keeps your goals and your actuals in sight, plus accurate data points for next quarter’s Bizniz Plan.

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The Politically Incorrect Real Estate Agent Dashboard


the Market Window
Speak like a smart agent. Use the Dashboard to know the market like the back of your hand. See trends develop, and predict the future.

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The Politically Incorrect Real Estate Stats Card

Stats Card

the Carnival Barker
Impress your seller prospects with this leave-behind. Use the Stats Card show how your abilities out-pace the market and the competition (if you so dare).

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The Politically Incorrect Real Estate Agent Checklists

Stop Signs

the Crowd Controller
Prospect in peace. These Stop Signs keep people away from your door while you search for listings. With 8 signs to choose from, you have no excuse but to prospect your heart out.

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The Politically Incorrect Real Estate Agent Script Vault

Script Vault

the Word Smith
Keep your scripts in one place. With this clever design, you can type (or copy/paste) scripts for future reference, then print them out for flash card study. Or, print blank and handwrite.

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The Politically Incorrect Real Estate Agent Checklists


the Packing List
Dont show up unprepared, nor without that one thing you forgot. These customizable checklists ensure your presentation appointments include all you have to offer.

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the Task Master
Head’s Up, Nose Down.
Put your nose to this Grindstone, and don't look up. Follow it perfectly, and you'll be a millionaire by next year. Betcha.

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Real Estate Agent
System Tools

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